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Smart Athlete Coaching by Peter Glassford

Bike Skill Sessions

Smart Athlete is at the forefront of Bike Skills Development in North America. Aided by the Movement Science of Kinesiology Smart Athlete skills sessions will ensure your fitness training is being utilized in races, that you are safe and that you have as much fun as possible on a bike.

Experience the ideas, enthusiasm and progression available through Smart Athlete Bike Skills Sessions by Checking out The Bike Skills Project

Regardless of the type of cycling you participate in there are skills you need to know. From absolute beginner to advanced/elite level athletes there is refinement that will get you to the finish line faster. Keep tinkering and let me know when I can help.


Private Session $100 each (Coaching Clients get discount!)  => Book Now

Package of 4 Private Sessions ($300 ) => Book Now

Group Session  (as low as $20 / per person) =>   Book Now


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With Ontario’s Perennial spring classic, Paris to Ancaster, only a few days away the excitement is extremely high. Twitter and Facebook groups are busy with questions and answers and training rides are being done in hopes of mimicking the demands of the […]

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