The 4 Month Year

I have decided to call the Bike Skills Project semi-complete at 127 episodes, or around 4 months

I will continue to put up periodic posts when I have access to Quality film/audio, great locations, participants and ideas worth sharing.  Otherwise my focus will be on making my clients (and myself!!) fast and increasingly more proficient in the area of Bike Steeze .

feel free to subscribe so you know when new episodes arrive

I hope the last 4 months have helped the 6 viewers . Please keep ideas and questions coming .

Most of all keep working on your Bike Skills.


  1. Thank you for posting all the videos. I've watched every single one of them. So 7 viewers :P

  2. many thanks Mike . A few videos in the works so stay tuned and spread the word. Let me know if any ideas / questions i can cover

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  4. I'm amazed that you only have had 7 viewers. I'm a roadie hwo is having a lash at mountain biking and finding out that I need a whole new set of skills. Your tips and videos have been great and I have ecouraged others to have a look at this grat resource. Thanks once more for a great series of tips

  5. Thanks Iain always great to hear.

    I do hope to continue to update and am working on some website / business updates at the moment .

    Feel free to shoot me an idea for a video / concept and I will get it up ASAP !

    be well